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Interview with Curriculum Author Michael Kelley

Scribe members were recently offered a wonderful opportunity to receive and review a DVD-based small group curriculum published by Threads/LifeWay called The Tough Sayings of Jesus II (Leader Kit). Part of this opportunity included a series of interviews, hosted by individual Scribe members, with Michael Kelley, the creator/author of the curriculum. I personally love The [...]

A Top Ten Movie List

Memes. I have a love/hate relationship with memes. When I’m tagged, I kind of cringe a bit, initially, because I’m not sure what is entailed in any given meme. Some I skip; others I dive into head first because they are actually meaningful. I was just tagged for a meme, but luckily it is a [...]

The Captain’s Chair and PC Dashboard

The Captain’s Chair and PC Dashboard, originally uploaded by lofitribe.

The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World

In anticipation of a serious dive into DeYoung and Kluck’s Why We’re not Emergent: By Two Guys Who Should Be, I snagged a copy of The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World (editors John Piper and Justin Taylor). Chapter authors include: David Wells, Voddie Bucham Jr., John Piper, D.A. Carson, Tim Keller, and Mark [...]

Relocating with a 40GB Apple TV in Tow

A quick personal update: My family has been busy moving into a new place for the past four days, thus the blog silence. We are almost finished, thank God! In other personal news, I won a 40GB Apple TV loaded with all of the films created by the awesome folk over at Modern Parables. I’m [...]

Introduction to Why We’re Not Emergent

Why We’re Not Emergent: By Two Guys Who Should Be is a sturdy but cordial critique of the Emergent Conversation. It is a critique that may just prove to be the final straw that breaks an increasingly unpopular and self-contradicting camel’s back. Why we’re Not Emergent is a really good read. I highly recommended it [...]

Who Hosts The World’s Largest Bible Printing Facility?

Which country hosts the world’s largest Bible printing facility? United States? No. Germany? Nada. The UK? Nix. South Korea? Nope. Communist China? Yes! Who would have guessed?
In two weeks, the world’s largest Bible printing facility will open in Nanjing, China, prompting some to dub the historic eastern Chinese city the Bible printing capital of the [...]

The Pursuit of God by A. W. Tozer

A. W. Tozer’s The Pursuit of God is a bona fide Christian classic. This holiness title can be found shelved in the libraries of God chasers the globe over. It is a must read for the spiritually hungry and thirsty. It is a must read for those pursuing the holy life. If you long to [...]

A Wolf in Sheep Garb Camps at Cornerstone

Sometimes there is more to a visitor than meets the eye! Self-proclaimed atheist Matt Taibbi decided to go undercover and spend some time in Pastor John Hagee’s Cornerstone Church. His goal was not spiritual enrichment, scriptural enlightenment, or Christian fellowship; Taibbi was motived by dirt. He wanted to get some dirt on Hagee and those [...]

The New Centrist Evangelical Voting Block

Rev Dr Anthony Campolo, professor emeritus of Sociology at Eastern University, Pennsylvania, thinks the new centrist evangelicals could decide the upcoming election. Campolo says:
There are millions of us who espouse an evangelical theology but who reject being classified as part of the religious right.
Right on, Campolo. I do think this fresh expression of evangelicalism is [...]