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Those Who Don’t Believe in The Fall Never Moved!

We are still in the process of moving all of our earthly belongings into our new nest. I sincerely detest - no I hate - moving. I’ll hire a moving company next time; I’m too old for this ridiculousness. I’ll be fairly quiet on the blog until we are settled into our new house. Why didn’t I hire a moving company? Eh.

My New Alternative Fuel Transportation for the City

We will be joyfully busy for the next few days moving out of seminary housing. We have a great place in the city. We are loving it! Read More »

UMC Phoenix Precedent and Sexual Identity Change

Transsexual Minister in Baltimore is Approved by the United Methodist Church: “The United Methodist bishop of the Baltimore-Washington Conference has reappointed a female minister who underwent a sex-change operation and now goes by the name of ‘Drew Phoenix.’ Ann Gordon, aka ‘Drew Phoenix,’ is the first openly transsexual minister in the United Methodist Church and one of the very few publicly transsexual clergy in the U.S. Her reappointment to St. John’s UMC in Baltimore is effective July 1.”

The Infantree: Lancaster City’s Young Creatives

I recently met a bunch of dreamers, artists, and writers in Lancaster City. Collectively, this group of young creatives is called The Infantree. Read More »

How to Save Hands and Mind from Pocket Loss

Seminary is over. I’m waiting to hear from denominational leaders re: the specifics of our church planting venture. So, I’m consequently privileged with the task of finding a creative way to spend a few anxious days of free down-time. Read More »

Karl Rove is an Atheist?

Christopher Hitchens: Karl Rove is an atheist. I think it’s safe to say at this point that fundamentalist Christians have been seriously duped and cheaply used by this administration and its brain. Hat tip: Telic Thoughts. Extra reading: Jeremiah 2:19-25.

Random Class Notes Dump 1201007

HI373 Lecture 10: Notes on Canon, Creeds, and Bishops: In order to meet threats to its existence, both external (persecutions) and internal (heretical teachings, divisions, and schisms): 1. The Church, led by the Holy Spirit, developed an authoritative Book of faith and practice (the Canon of the New Testament). 2. The Church developed an authoritative statement of faith or fundamental truths and creeds. 3. A prominent bishop which would defer to the bishop of Rome became a rallying point as a way of fostering unity. Read More »

Random Class Notes Dump 1512006

Notes re: basic Bible interpretation: What are figures of speech? Figures of speech often involve comparison. Comparisons are often constructed around conceptual ideas re: nature (e.g. rain, water, fire, soil, flowers, trees, animals), human objects (pottery, tombs, clothing), and human experiences (birth, death, war, music). There are other conceptual ideas upon which comparisons are constructed, but these will do for the time being. Read More »

Random Class Notes Dump 10122006

Theology’s use of philosophy: What are the roles of theology and philosophy? How theology can be informed by philosophy? Christian Standards: 1. Revelation supplies the content of theology. 2. Revelation should be turned to first (priority of Biblical revelation), before any philosophy. 3. Philosophy is helpful in so much as it aids the sharpening of intellectual and/or critical thinking abilities. 4. … sharpens the understanding of concepts and/or ideas. 5. … exposes the presuppositions foundational to ideas or systems of thought. 6. … traces the implications of ideas 7. … emphasizes the necessity to test truth claims. Read More »

Random Class Notes Dump 09122006

MODERNITY INTRODUCES: Enlightenment - confidence in science and the laws of nature. Romanticism - religious essentially feeling divorced from objective realities. Evolutionary Theory - No orderliness of universe with God’s design. Historical criticism of the Bible. Industrial Revolution - Consumerism. Liberalism (classical) - Liberty, equality. Socialism - State economic planning, greater economic equality, state control of property. Marxism Socialism - Middle class (Bourgeoisie) and working class (Proletariat). Read More »