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The Barackroll

The Barackroll. You may be asking, “Why, Shawn? Why?” And I’d simply say the following in response: “It’s Saturday. I am busy. This is easy and fun. So, relax. Laugh. Laugh a lot! Enjoy the labors of those with way more free time on their hands than we have.”

John Crowder Reduces Spiritual Gifts to the Ridiculous

What in the hell - and yes, that’s a fitting prepositional object - is this?!? E.I.E.O! Oey oey oey! Actually, I do believe the above was an event at a church near us that was once attended by two very close friends and leaders (they are a couple) in our own church plant. Thankfully, they are much, much wiser than this!

Sorry Out of Gas!

Sorry, Out of Gas!

Yes We Can Song by Will.I.Am

Yes We Can Song - Barack Obama Song by Will.I.Am

Wishing You All a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Happy New Year too! Here’s to a great 2008!

The Web 2.0 Machine

The Machine is Us/ing Us

Tents of Hope: Darfur Advocacy

Tents of Hope: Darfur Advocacy

Casting Crowns: Does Anybody Hear Her?

Casting Crowns

A Really Amazing Grace

The Sweet Sound of Amazing Grace

John MacArthur 1, Doug Pagitt 0

Pagitt? The Gospel doesn’t lead to a whole life?