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A Wolf in Sheep Garb Camps at Cornerstone

Sometimes there is more to a visitor than meets the eye! Self-proclaimed atheist Matt Taibbi decided to go undercover and spend some time in Pastor John Hagee’s Cornerstone Church. His goal was not spiritual enrichment, scriptural enlightenment, or Christian fellowship; Taibbi was motived by dirt. He wanted to get some dirt on Hagee and those ‘wacky evangelicals’ who call Cornerstone Church home. So, he signed up and participated in one of Cornerstone’s Encounter Weekends and there misrepresented himself, terribly. Read More »

Dinesh D’Souza Debates Christopher Hitchens

If you have not watched Dinesh D’Souza, speaker and author of New York Times Bestseller What’s So Great About Christianity, debate Christopher Hitchens on: Is Christianity the Problem?, you should! Also, be sure to visit for more resources and a much-needed response to the new atheist offensive. Bonus: Check out his most recent AOL News articles titled Atheist Bashing Week (the last paragraph is sharp!) and Ben Stein Exposes Richard Dawkins.

Expelled: A New Documentary by Ben Stein

Ben Stein Expelled

The fact that someone - anyone - is willing to take on big science and secular fundamentalists like Richard Dawkins is terrific, but the last person I would have pictured in this role is Ben Stein.

Stein, however, and in spite of his most recent gig as the host of VH1’s thankfully dormant America’s Most Smartest Model, may just be the man for the job!

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is a Michael Moore-ish kind of documentary that investigates, exposes, and challenges the assumptions, presumptions, presuppositions, biases, and academic/intellectual prejudices of the so-called “big science” and its blind fascination and devotion to the Neo-Darwinian materialism that is funneled into classrooms all over the country in suppressing fashion. Read More »

Bill Maher Hates Religion! We Get it!

Bill Maher may lose his job over his most recent comments about the Catholic Church and the Pope. Can the comments he made on his HBO show be classified as hate speech? The people at Fire Bill Maher think so. It seems more likely that Bill is just trying to cash in on the book buying crowd faithfully following authors like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris. Bill is, after all, an advisory board member of Harris’s The Reason Project.