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BIC Statement of 1961 on Sanctification

The following is the 1961 Brethren in Christ Statement on Sanctification, with a few very slight modifications to reflect the gender egalitarianism that all believers today should be striving towards. These very slight modifications appear in italics. The 1961 Statement on Sanctification is solid. I actually prefer it to all other statements. We all would do well to strive faithfully and honestly towards full consecration to God. Holiness is not an option in the Kingdom of God as preached and pointed towards by Jesus of Nazareth. God be with us … Read More »

BIC Core Course with Dr. Luke Keefer, Jr.

Tomorrow begins a four day study with Dr. Luke Keefer, Jr. I’m scheduled to begin The Brethren in Christ Theology of Salvation (PM 705), the first of four BIC core courses leading to ordination. I’m nearly half-way through my doctrinal statement, which leads to licensing. I really enjoy the study and the process. It will be great to dive deeper into the Anabaptism, Pietism, and Wesleyanism that informs all we do - or should be doing - as members of the Brethren in Christ Church. Good times.

Balthasar Hübmaier: A Form for Christ’s Supper

We do not believe because we have been baptized in water, but we are baptized in water because we first believe. So David says: “I have believed, therefore I have spoken,” Ps. 116:10; Matt. 16:16; Acts 8:30. So every Christian speaks equally: “I have believed, therefore I have publicly confessed that Jesus is Christ, Son of the living God, and have thereafter had myself baptized according to the order of Christ, the high priest who lives in eternity.” - Excerpt Balthasar Hübmaier: A Form for Christ’s Supper

10 Tough Questions Sermon Series at Manor Church

Today marked the start of a 10 week “Ten Tough Questions” Sunday series at Manor Brethren in Christ Church. Manor BIC is our home church. It is also the commissioning and sponsoring congregation for Inner Metro Green. So, when I was asked if I would preach one of the Sundays in this incredible series, I said yes, and emphatically so! Read More »

BIC Theology: Pietist Anabaptist Wesleyan Synthesis

I am very much aware of the unfamiliarity most of my readers claim as regards my denomination: The Brethren in Christ Church. So, I thought a quick overview here and there would be beneficial. The following is the first in what will be a continuing series of informative posts re: the B.I.C.

The people of the Brethren in Christ Church (”Brethren” = Community, not Male Priority) swim in the confluence formed by the convergence of three theological streams: Pietism, Anabaptism, and Wesleyanism. Read More »

An Uneasy Synthesis of Heritage Streams

I stumbled - literally - upon an article by Luke Keefer, Professor of Church History and Theology at Ashland Theological Seminary. Luke Keefer is also an incredible Brethren in Christ pastor, missionary, and scholar. I met Luke Keefer back in 1996 and 1997, I believe. The first meeting took place at Ashland theological Seminary, during a conference by I. Howard Marshall; the second meeting occurred at the General Conference of the Brethren in Christ, at Messiah College. I was a very young convert to Christianity in those days. He was/is a brilliant mind. I remember listening to theological conversations that were way, way over my head. Most of this conversation occurred between my father, a BIC pastor, my then mentor, another BIC pastor, and Keefer. It all went over my head back in those days. I won’t even mention I. Howard Marshall’s conference discussions. He may as well have been on another planet (he was talking Pauline Epistles during his conference). That was then; this is now. I can more than keep pace with theological conversations today, after ten years of catch up. Read More »

MDG: Brethren in Christ Christology

Ministerial Ethics class requirements include the perusal of my denomination’s Code of Ethics. The Manual of Doctrine and Government of the Brethren in Christ Church is really solid theological reading. I especially appreciate Section IV (Jesus Christ and Salvation). Read More »

BIC Fresh Ministry for a Changing Church

Brethren in Christ ministry staff and their spouses are invited to Pittsburgh, Pa., for the Ministry Enrichment Retreat. When: July 9-12, 2007. This year’s theme: “Fresh ministry for a changing church … The conference will explore effective ways to translate the timeless truths of Christianity into the language and culture of our day - making sure that our faith doesn’t get lost in the process.” Read More »

B.I.C. Excellence in Ministry Mashup

I attended an ‘Excellence in Ministry’ mashup yesterday (technically, a mashup is a website or application that combines content from more than one source into an integrated experience, but the idea does translate well to specific human gatherings wherein content from more than one source is discussed and integrated). The professional gathering was produced and sponsored by the Atlantic Conference of the Brethren in Christ. It was a great day of connection and discussion between Brethren in Christ pastors, church planters and staff from New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. A lot of great ideas were exchanged. Read More »

Brethren in Christ Notes and Abstracts 010107

Please Note the Notes Reference: Carlton O.Wittlinger, Quest for Piety and Obedience: The Story of the Brethren in Christ Nappanee, Indiana: Evangel Press, 178. Pp. x, 580. Read More »