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New Blog Design with 100% more Monk

I used my free time on my days off to re-skin my blog. Notes: 1. For this theme, I quit IE6. I don’t care about IE6. 2. I’m not finished. I’ll be tweaking the design as time goes on, and permits. 3. This design comes with 100% more monk. He’ll spit out wise sayings, for your consumption. So, say hello to Monk.

As Time Permits

I’ve been crazy busy; I’ll return as time permits. Stay tuned!

The Jesus Politics Network

Thom Stark has just launched The Jesus Politics Network. The Network promises to be a place where radical, counter-cultural, Gospel-based reflections concerning society and non-violent resistance are expressed regularly. I am personally thrilled to be a part of this project. I’ll be posting there regularly, along with Thom, Jacob Breeze, Stephen Lawson, Tyler Stewart.

A Year Ago On Tribe

Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Heath
I am really digging the book my new friend gave to me. It’s called Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die, by Chip Heath and Dan Heath.

Views on Homosexuality by LT Johnson and Tushnet
Luke Timothy Johnson and Eve Tushnet’s views re: homosexuality are articulated so powerfully in a June 15th Commonweal article titled Homosexuality & the Church: Two Views (Volume CXXXIV, Number 12).

Listening to Theology by Sinead O’Connor
Will Conservative American Christian retail outlets stock their shelves with Sinead O’Connor’s Theology? Probably, not.

A Not So Random Life and Ministry Update 07172007
Rest is a good thing. I finished preaching two services this past Sunday at Manor Church, then took a break on Monday. It was a needed one. I was wiped out. I’m recharged and ready to get back to work! God is so good.

Save Online Radio and Tune Into the TUN3R Feeling
There is no shortage of live Internet radio broadcasting sites and/or online radio tuners. They are practically a dime a dozen.

The Final Live-Redesign of Lo-Fi Tribe is Now Complete
What probably will be the final re-design of Tribe is now complete. I needed a distraction for a few hours and as usual I found the joy that is rearranging Tribe to be more than distracting enough for me and my busy mind.

Fun with Mint 07202007
Mint is an addictive little additive to web sites. Most stats programs that record visitor/referral information are loads of fun.

Books Already Shelved and My Fuddruckers Money
So, I wrote a scathing review of a book titled Bible-Carrying Christians by David Watt.

A Readers Update on Regular Posting

Blogging has been slow, obviously. The majority of my time has been dedicated to family responsibilities and a growing ministry. Tribe is not going anywhere, but regular posting will not be resuming until late fall, at the very least. I do have a few reviews I have to publish and those will be coming very soon. My apologies to the web marketers and publishers who sent things for review. They will all be reviewed as promised. The church plant is growing though, and we have much work to do in our city. Time is scarce; God is good.

A Year Ago On Tribe

10 Tough Questions Sermon Series at Manor Church
Today marked the start of a 10 week “Ten Tough Questions” Sunday series at Manor Brethren in Christ Church.

How to Reduce Your Church’s Ecological Footprint
Reducing your church’s ecological footprint is not as difficult or life altering as you may think.

Blanc Turns 26, Celebrates by Launching a New Blog
Shawn Blank turns 26 years old.

Considering Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange
Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange is so much more than an entertaining novel …

What is an Emergent Unitarian Universalist Church!?!
Uh, yeah. Thanks, but no thanks!

Home-fronting with Honey Dearest

Honey Dearest is my new favorite food, cooking, and wine & spirits blog on the Internets, and not just because they are great friends. It’s just a great blog, period.

The Daily Scribe Window is Open

The Daily Scribe Submission Window is now open! If you want to join a great Christian Blog Network, head on over and apply! Be sure to read the qualifications!

Tribe Facebook Blog Network

A friendly invite to all of you Facebook users who read Tribe: click over to F-book and join the Tribe blog network! Be sure to confirm me as the author of Tribe too!

Prioritizing, Leading, Following, and Blogging

Inner Metro Green

Ministry happenings and responsibilities are once again chipping away at my blog time! That’s OK. The more real-time ministry I engage, the more I’d rather be doing that! Blogging is great and all, but it pales in comparison to seeing real change in real time and getting involved with it. A blog, at least for me, should simply be an extension of real-time ministry, at least for the Christian. A blog should be a simple record of what’s going on in the real life of a believer; a blog should never BE or BECOME your life. That’s putting the proverbial cart before the horse, IMHO. A blog also should be, IMO, a way to share resources and ideas implemented and tested in real-time. If it becomes anymore or anything other than that, I think priorities were twisted somewhere along the line. I’d stop and check myself. So, though my blogging is slowing a bit, my ministry is ramping up. That’s a good thing. Read More »