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Inner Metro Green Gets Art Direction

Justin Carroll, of 3Circle Studio, has not only joined Inner Metro Green (a church plant in Lancaster City, PA), but also is unleashing his God-given gifts and talents in seriously edifying fashion. He is blessing - and continuously blessing - the art direction of Inner Metro Green in way that has been so desperately needed! Inner Metro Green’s art direction was virtually non-existent, but now there is a conceptual theme developing - as we speak - that will be uniformly expressed through the official logo, business cards, letterheads, envelopes and an upcoming new web site. The whole package naturally complements the color/image/symbol concept driving the church’s moniker. It’s what was needed! Read More »

PHP Mastermind Needed

Any Christian PHP/SQL masterminds out there? A great friend, Christian brother, and art/web designer is looking for a PHP/SQL person to partner with for an upcoming business venture/project. Drop a note if you are that mastermind and want to team up with an awesome and talented brother. If you know a mastermind, please forward this opportunity to him/her. Thank you!

3Circle Studio

There is no local shortage of great designers: Justin Carroll is another talented freelancer based in Lancaster, PA. Justin and his wife also have a healthy thirst for God that I pray is contagious! Check his work at 3Circle Studio.

Tribe 960: A Theme for Learning and Development

This redesign of tribe is called 960 because that’s the pixel width I decided to go with this time. Why? Well, because of an IM chat I shared with Nathan Smith back on February 24th, 2008. It went a bit like this (Note: the url to Nathan’s 960 Grid project has been removed until he is ready to reveal it himself): Read More »

Swallowtail Caterpillars By Intelligent Design

Young Swallowtail Caterpillars, in a display of incredibly intelligent design and adaptation, disguise themselves as bird droppings and copies of green leafs. The early bird will have to wake much, much earlier to catch a Swallowtail Caterpillar!

Tumble-hybrid Deuce WordPress Theme

I pulled out the dusty old file folder for the Tumble-hybrid Theme for WordPress 2.3.3+ and I made a few changes and cleaned things up a bit. The result is Tumble-hybrid Deuce. There a few changes. Most notably I changed a few category names to better fit the media designated. So, rather than categorizing “photos” as “slices,” as was done in my first Tumble-hybrid theme, the category is simply called “photos.” Likewise, the “thoughts” category is now “thoughts” rather than “lifestream.” These changes make things much more intuitive, I think. There are also more than a few aesthetic changes. I really had no intention of releasing the first version of Tumble-hybrid, as it was a personal project born in the boredom of one late night. So, the first time around, I just packaged it up, just as it was, as I used it myself, and made it available for download. Deuce is cleaned up and much more suited for public consumption. Read More »

Live From 29 Palms: A Quick but Broad Update

Things are still a bit slow here at Tribe. I’ve been busy with church planting responsibilities, reading, design work, and family life in general. It’s all good, but very time consuming. Writing seems to be the first thing to be nixed from schedule when things get busy. It’s unfortunate, but unavoidable. Regular posting should resume soon.

I’m still slightly busy this morning so a quick but very broad update will have to do for the time being:


God is full of surprises. We had a crowd of new visitors this past Sunday. It was awesome. They are the kind of people we need to get this movement started. They are the kind of people we have been praying for … Thanks for visiting with us! Blessings on you all!

The church plant is moving along wonderfully. It’s hard work, and it requires much, much prayer. Church planting is not for the faint of heart. Read More »

A New Design for Tribe

It is obvious, I think. I am trying out a new design on Tribe.

I wanted to trim the site bloat, as much as possible. So, this design has almost zero graphic images either in the design itself, or in the individual posts. I am trying to go with an extremely lite site. I’m also suddenly interested in typography, scalability, accessibility, fluidity, and graceful degradation. It’s all about the content and reader accessibility. I want to put my content in the browsers of as many people as possible. Now, this site works perfectly all the way back to IE 5.5, and I’m only using one css stylesheet with a total of 83 lines. Hooray!

A Live Redesign in Process

Live redesign in process! I will follow the redesign up with a complete Internet Explorer 6 and 7 fix, of course. Gotta love Internet Explorer, right? Please excuse the mess while I tweak and push the CSS around the screen.

Free Christian Desktop Wallpapers

I just stumbled upon a cache of some great Christian desktop wallpapers.