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The New Evangelicalism and Restoring Eden

Evangelicalism is changing! It is taking Environmental stewardship seriously! Check out this self-proclaimed grassroots movement within the church called Restoring Eden: Christian for Environmental Stewardship.

Restoring Eden makes hearts bigger, hands dirtier, and voices stronger by encouraging Christians to learn to love, serve, and protect God’s creation. Restoring Eden is not a traditional ministry - we are less about membership and programs, and more about a conversation and a community that lives out the biblical mandate to “speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves” (Proverbs 31:8) as advocates for natural habitats, wild species and indigenous subsistence cultures.

Restoring Eden’s mission to proclaim God’s love for creation includes a speaking tour that covers dozens of college campuses every year and an annual creation-care lobbying conference that lasts a week. Read More »

Will You Invest in Gasoline or Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Will the next new car you buy be gasoline powered? Is it really wise to invest in a brand new gasoline powered car, given the steadily increasing pump price of gasoline and the average length of financing options? Perhaps not! There are options emerging, such as Honda’s FCX Clarity (a dedicated platform hydrogen fuel cell vehicle).

Honda has led the way in developing and improving fuel cell vehicle performance. The FCX Clarity was designed from the ground up to be a fuel cell vehicle that runs on electricity powered by hydrogen, and emits only water vapor and heat into the air. In other words, the fuel cell technology was developed by Honda for the FCX Clarity, and was not retrofitted to an existing model. Instead, our engineers cleared away all preconceived notions of automobile design, challenging themselves to discover the new possibilities that can only be realized with the fuel cell vehicle.

And no, you don’t have to plug in the FCX Clarity to recharge it. It generates it’s own electricity within the fuel cell itself. You can read more about this revolutionary vehicle via the FAQ page of the FCX’s official site.

Six Degrees Could Change the World

National Geographic’s Six Degrees Could Change the World is scheduled for broadcast on Sunday, February 10th, at 8:00PM. What’s it about? Well, scientific models predict that a Celsius shift of 6 degrees in the global average temperature could result in changes we (humans) never before seen or experienced on earth. It’s definitely must see TV. Mark your calendars, or hand a note on the fridge.

Why We Should Not Release Helium Balloons into the Sky

Did you know that when helium balloons are released into the air they are often blown into the ocean by strong winds. The sea may be hundreds of miles away but balloons can still land there once they start to lose their helium. Once a balloon lands in the ocean, the salt water washes off a balloon’s color. A balloon without red, blue, or yellow color looks clear or transparent. Sea creatures mistake these colorless, clear balloons for food. The clear balloons then get stuck inside of these animals and cause all sorts of internal problems that usually result in starvation and death.

Ecological Sustainability is a Theological Issue

Christians in North America have ignored environmental issues for far, far too long. We have justified our actions - or lack thereof - by leaning too heavily upon complicated, if not abstractly vague, eschatological schematics. It worked too, at least for the time being. Why would or should anyone care about ecological stewardship if Jesus was returning tomorrow? You see, Jesus’ cataclysmic return not only signified the beginning of a new age for the Church, but also the subsequent end of the old age of the world. The total and utter destruction of earth as we know it, for some mysterious reason, become a practical if not fatalistic reality. The logic of this sort of apocalyptic thinking, of course, leads one to what would seem to be a very solid conclusion: if the world is going to be morphed into dust, why then should we worry about environmental issues? Well, most Evangelicals did not worry about it at all! Read More »

An Environmental Friendly Car

Is this the future of ecology friendly automotive transportation: Aptera?

Fueling Tips to Get the Most Out of the Gas Pump

Do you need a few fueling tips that will help you save money and make the most of the gasoline you pump into your vehicles. These tips will not only save you money at the pump, but also will lead to more intentional thinking about gasoline stewardship (a theological issue?). Ultimately, we all need to move as far away from oil as we can, but until that glorious day, we should at least try to use our money and gasoline wisely. The following tips for the pump are a good start. Read More »

Water in Your Tap is Safer than Bottled Water

Did you know that the municipal water that flows from your home tap receives far more safety testing and careful monitoring than the bottled water in the unnecessary plastic jug you pay extra for at your local grocery store? That’s right! The water pouring from your tap is probably safer! So, pledge to dump the unnecessary plastic and, if you need to, buy a tap filter.

What Difference does Theological Thinking Make?

I recently stumbled upon and purchased a very, very interesting read: Theology That Matters: Ecology, Economy, and God, Edited by Darby Kathleen Ray. The book is constructed upon a very important question: “What difference does theological thinking make?” Theology does sometimes seem totally irrelevant, as far as the big and immediate picture that is life and living are concerned. Theologians tend to spend much time and energy on insider jargon, ecclesiastics, and apologetic-based arguments designed to meet the needs of an insatiable academy and its spiritual-sounding but extremely individualized ritual of cognitive calisthenics. Read More »

How to Reduce Your Church’s Ecological Footprint

Yesterday was fantastic. The larger part of our afternoon was happily spent on friends and fellowship at the home of the senior pastor of Manor BIC, our home church. We enjoyed the warm weather and bright sunshine from the sturdy, wooden deck in his backyard while we sipped lemonade and nourished ourselves on primo foods graciously served to us by his lovely and beyond hospitable wife. It was a remarkable day filled with fun, friendship, and conversation. Read More »