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Introduction to Why We’re Not Emergent

Not Emergent

Why We’re Not Emergent: By Two Guys Who Should Be is a sturdy but cordial critique of the Emergent Conversation. It is a critique that may just prove to be the final straw that breaks an increasingly unpopular and self-contradicting camel’s back. Why we’re Not Emergent is a really good read. I highly recommended it to anyone who wants to take a closer and deeper look at the emergent church movement. Read More »

Emergent Motivational Posters

Admittedly, these few satirical posters - sponsored by the Team Pyro folk - resonate a bit with me as I reflect upon my very limited interaction online with a few (not all) emergent participants and aficionados.

Emergent Post Critical

Emergent Unity

Emergent Attitude

More emergent motivational posters can be found hosted at the web site. It’s all tongue in check, of course. Yeah, right.

Testing the Appropriation of Postmodern Epistemological Developments

Andrew publishes an awesome post/word regarding the emergent engagement of postmodernity (read it!):

I believe that Christians need to concentrate on being Christian and that far too often the emergent conversation works so hard to make “postmodern-conversant” people that it forgets that the goal of the church is to make Christian people who follow God’s spirit through the whims and follies of every changing scene, whether it be modernity, postmodernity, or whatever else comes our way. May the church today - in all its forms - have the faith to live through this blip on the cultural radar. May we simply do what the church has always been called to do - worship God, make disciples, care for the oppressed, and move beyond selfishness toward unity with God.

Brian McLaren’s Deep Shift in NYC

I’m officially registered for the NYC stop of Brian McLaren’s Deep Shift/Everything Must Change Tour. I’m going to be hiding in the trunk of Brian’s car! Well, actually not, but he and I and a few other vagabonds are going to make a trip out of it! I honestly can’t wait. I could use a trip and some good/spiritual fun w/ brothers.

Update: I registered, but I have since canceled my part of this trip. I won’t be making it.

An Excerpt from Tony Jones’ Emergent Frontier

It took a mere thirteen pages to bump into an interesting factoid in Tony Jones’ new book The New Christians: Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier. The following excerpt is unarguably true and seriously sad: Read More »

Everything Must Change Chapter Twelve

I’m still paging through Brian McLaren’s Everything Must Change. Chapter 12 (No Junk DNA) has been the most interesting chapter thus far.

Chapter 12 offers readers a very, very basic overview of what New Testament scholars, historical-critical exegetes, and form critics refer to as “Sitz-im-Leben” (Ger: setting in life, or life situation). The Sitz-im-Leben of the Sacred Texts compiled in the New Testament points toward a real-time sociological setting in which all particular and revealed forms of narrative rhetoric inherent to the writings were developed. Said differently, all of the New Testament’s Legends, Aphorisms, Prophecies, Parables, Liturgies, Epistles, and Teaching Materials were shaped within and shaped by a very real and very influential sociological context. Aphorisms and Parables exist, for example, because Jesus lived in an oral culture and these forms were conducive to easy memorization. This socio-literary phenomenon, which is totally missed in cursory readings of the texts, and/or seriously altered by a detrimental superimposition of an interpreter’s personal but divergent life situation (e.g., reader response theory), is absolutely necessary for holistic New Testament interpretation and understanding. A holistic understanding of the New Testament, Gospels, and Jesus of Nazareth requires a certain amount of historical study, sociological understanding, and honest real-time interpretation and application. Christians should get a grip on Sitz-im-Leben, to say the least. Read More »

Eavesdropping on a Radical Emergent Unitarian Conversation

Go on, try to parse the musings of this self-identified and self-proclaimed “Radical, Emergent, Unitarian” conversation about Jesus Christ.

What is an Emergent Unitarian Universalist Church!?!

This is the sort of thing that makes it very hard for me not to be very particular about the friends I keep: An Emergent Liberal Church. I deeply appreciate the open conversation to which the Emergent wing of the Emerging Church is dedicated, but seriously … a Unitarian Universalist Emergent Church?!? I journeyed pretty far behind that particular curtain, and what I discovered was and still is not pretty. Honestly, it is not. The flirtation between Unitarian Universalism and the Emergent wing of the Emerging Conversation is nearly enough for me to join the growing multitude and discount Emergent validity completely. Emergent isn’t Emerging, after all; said differently, the Emergent Village is only one expression of the larger Emerging Conversation. Read More »

Circumvent Relational Morph into Cheap Syncretism

When do honest attempts at incarnational relationships morph into cheap religious pluralism and/or spiritual syncretism (both are very different from deep inter-faith conversation, which is something I support with all of my being)? Read More »

Emergent’s Spirit Depot: Full of Crazy White People?

The Holy Observer publishes a piece of classic satirical genius re: the Emerging Church: Frightened Black Family Flees Emergent Church. So, I must ask, is the Emerging Church mostly full of crazy white people?