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The Gospel of Penitentiary Christianity

The transformational power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not negotiable in Penitentiary Christianity.

It’s a funny thing when you first realize that a lot of Bible teaching and imagery you used to think was literary and metaphorical turns out to be truly true. It reminds me of the hucksters of the god “Tash” in C.S.Lewis’ The Last Battle, who thought they had made up “Tash” to exploit the ignorant masses - only to discover he was real and about to devour them.

When one is smashed against the “bottom” of life’s bucket, the Gospel is more than mere words and theories; it is transformational. This truth should force some pretty serious questions concerning the life we live at the “top” of the bucket and the Gospel expressed and lived therein. Is the Gospel the transformational power of God at the top of the bucket too? It should be!

Rob Dale and Capital City Bikers’ Church

There are people out there living it! Check Rob Dale and Capital City Bikers’ Church. This is a great example of honest, natural, organic Gospel contextualizing and solid expression and belief!

Capital City Bikers’ Church launched in January 2002 with a desire to share the message of God’s unconditional love and His amazing grace with the motorcycle community of the National Capital Region.

They are self-proclaimed “people in your neighborhood.” I believe it. God’s blessings on your ministry!

A Gospel of Guilt, Shame and Fear

guiltshamefear, originally uploaded by haywardART.

The message of easter is this: God thought you so special, so priceless, that he laid down perfection to reconcile and re-create relationship with you. That’s pretty special! Celebrate it freely! Be blessed this Easter.

Composite Gospel Pericope Index

Semantic Bible’s Composite Gospel Pericope Index.

ASBO Jesus on Loving Neighbor as Much as Self

If you haven’t discovered The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus, serendipity is yours!

ASBO Jesus Cartoon

… think about the above cartoon for a bit this morning.

Luke’s Pragmatic Attribution of the Term Savior

The Lukan reference to Jesus of Nazareth as ‘Savior’ has more to do with the later Christian community’s need for eschatological reconsideration than the author’s Christological perception. Read More »

William Lloyd Garrison’s Declaration of Sentiments

A timely, relevant, and inspired word for today lifted from the Declaration of Sentiments Adopted by the Peace Convention (composed by William Lloyd Garrison, September 28, 1838): Read More »

I have a Two-sided Coin and No Pockets!

One reader e-mailed me to ask if I was a religious liberal. My side nearly exploded as it tried to absorb the crush of my resultant and hearty laughter. No! I am no religious liberal! I tried religious liberalism for a bit. I nibbled on it like a dense fish foolishly flirting with a hook, but quickly discovered that it tasted of the same old, failed, and unmistakable humanism of bygone years. I’m also not a religious conservative either. It’s just as distracting. This detrimental pair happily share the two sides of a sad coin of codependency. I chucked it into a wishing well a long time ago. My wish? To go far beyond that dichotomy; to dive into Gospel.

You are Treating Jesus like a Commodity

“… I worry that those you entice to following Jesus at your event, will start off with such a skewed picture of what this Jesus character is about that they will never really be able to see clearly the real Jesus we meet in the gospels.”
Ariah Fine

The Difficult Parable of the Dishonest Manager

A recent chat with friends regarding peaceful, non-violent resistance of cultural norms led to one of the most difficult parables taught by Jesus. Luke 16:1-9 has stumped and mystified interpreters for years, if not centuries. Some argue that the real meaning of this parable is lost to us forever; others point to Jesus’ overarching penchant for non-violent subversion as the key that unlocks the real meaning and intention of this parable. Given the social, political, and religious setting in which Jesus was situated, I tend to side with those who cite subversion. Read More »