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Integrity Matters

My father used to tell me, as I was growing up, that “the person you are when your all alone, in the darkness of your own little secret place, is the person you really are out in the public, regardless of any disguise you may or may not be wearing.” I used to think my father was full of it, but now I really think he may have been gifted with extraordinary wisdom concerning the simple but profound things in life. Read More »

Rob Dale and Capital City Bikers’ Church

There are people out there living it! Check Rob Dale and Capital City Bikers’ Church. This is a great example of honest, natural, organic Gospel contextualizing and solid expression and belief!

Capital City Bikers’ Church launched in January 2002 with a desire to share the message of God’s unconditional love and His amazing grace with the motorcycle community of the National Capital Region.

They are self-proclaimed “people in your neighborhood.” I believe it. God’s blessings on your ministry!

10 Reasons Why Church Planting Sucks

Planting a church is anything but easy. In fact, it is quite difficult. I’m sure the only reason people actually do it is because the intersection of God’s call and personal passion/gifting creates missional unction that can not be ignored. Why else would someone choose the personal and vocational insecurities that accompany church planting over a comfortably secure and salaried position at an established church? If you have ever planted a church, or are planting a church, then you know what I mean. There are great joys to be had in church planting, but there are also great trials and tribulations. It’s the nature of the mission; it’s a direct result of being on the bleeding edge of Christ’s expanding kingdom. The bleeding edge comes with all sorts of challenges, spiritual and otherwise. Overall, I have to say, that church planting is an exciting, joy-laden, and incredibly rewarding ministry, but it is not for the faint of heart.

I recently discovered a post by Dan Taylor, a church planter in Edmonton, Canada (h/t Mike Clawson), called “Why Church Planting Sucks.” It was a great read, and completely accurate! I’ve experienced everything on the list in five months time. The following are quick hit and miss excerpts of the most resonate and sometime humorous points raised by Dan in this fun and encouraging list. Read More »

Saturdays are for Family

I only have enough time to share a very quick but very, very important lesson I have learned during my post-seminary ministry: Saturday is for family! No, I am not able to compromise this practice. Yes, I am 100% devoted to it. Saturdays are for me and my family, barring the most urgent and absolute emergencies. Anyone ministering really should pick a day for family, and protect it like he/she would protect the church. God smiles on such practice.

Consuming Jesus and Moving Beyond Race and Class

Discussions concerning race and class divisions in the Church always lead me to the following thought: My son’s grade school class is composed of white, black, and brown kids that have absolutely no problem putting together pick-up kickball teams on the playground at recess. Race is not even an issue; economic class is not a factor. Yet, the church and all of her “sanctified” adults seem to be unable to move beyond race and class. The consequence of this short-sightedness is that we - the larger Body of Christ - rarely work together in meaningful ways. I can’t help but wonder which of these two groups are more pleasing to God. Is it possible? Could it be that a elementary school kickball game brings more glory to God than most churches? Maybe. Read More »

A Slow Blog Rising

Blogging is slow. We’ve been very, very busy completing the shared remodeling project for Inner Metro Green and The Infantree. Our gathering place is looking great! It’s a lot of work, but we are almost finished! Pictures of our space will follow soon! You can see it live for yourself this Sunday morn at 10:30 AM!

A Philosophy of Ministry for Our Unstable Times

My sincere desire to found a healthy, thriving, and authentically meaningful church in Lancaster City has led to conversations with leaders regarding the clear articulation of Inner Metro Green’s philosophy of ministry and theological approach to living life in the city. Here are my initial thoughts:

1. Our city - as are all cities - is a very diverse place, by default … We are an ethnically, culturally, politically, socially, and religiously diverse people because we live in the city. This is issue NO. 1, as far as our mission is concerned. Read More »

A Not So Random Life and Ministry Update 07172007

Rest is a good thing. I finished preaching two services this past Sunday at Manor Church, then took a break on Monday. It was a needed one. I was wiped out. I’m recharged and ready to get back to work! God is so good. Read More »

Reading for Internship, Coach, & Church Planting

I am taking part in a hybrid internship as a pastor/church planter in the Atlantic Conference of the Brethren in Christ. I am interning at a local BIC church (yet to be named), and partnering with a seasoned church planting coach in the conference, while simultaneously (← hybrid!) planting a church in Lancaster City and vicinity. An early portion of the partnership with my church planting coach included a reading list to get things started. Read More »

A Church Planting Partnership with the BIC

It’s official! I’m planting a church in Lancaster City in partnership with the Brethren in Christ. The church is called “Inner Metro Green.” Yes, it is a church built upon the idea/symbolism of color (Green). Yes, it is an emerging, missional, post-Christendom effort (as any good Anabaptist effort should be!). Yes, we will be seriously focusing on individual and social transformation, and equally so. Yes, we will be meeting in homes, at coffee shops, and on park benches all around the city. Yes, we will all be gathering together on Sundays for stripped down and simplistic prayer, celebration, and teaching. Yes, the Gospel is our ethos; the Trinity is our only center. The official launch for IMG will happen in 2008. ‘Till then, we will be busy building the foundation. Read More »