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The Jesus Politics Network

Thom Stark has just launched The Jesus Politics Network. The Network promises to be a place where radical, counter-cultural, Gospel-based reflections concerning society and non-violent resistance are expressed regularly. I am personally thrilled to be a part of this project. I’ll be posting there regularly, along with Thom, Jacob Breeze, Stephen Lawson, Tyler Stewart.

William Lloyd Garrison’s Declaration of Sentiments

A timely, relevant, and inspired word for today lifted from the Declaration of Sentiments Adopted by the Peace Convention (composed by William Lloyd Garrison, September 28, 1838): Read More »

Schleitheim Article VI: Concerning The Sword

We have been united as follows concerning the sword. The sword is an ordering of God outside the perfection of Christ. It punishes and kills the wicked and guards and protects the good. In the law the sword is established11 over the wicked for punishment and for death and the secular rulers are established to wield the same.

But within the perfection of Christ only the ban is used for the admonition and exclusion of the one who has sinned, without the death of the flesh, simply the warning and the command to sin no more. Read More »