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Trust in a Bottle

Sell more, love more, and accomplish more with a few sprays of Liquid Trust. Is this for real? Is there a law against spraying it on other people! Trust me! Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Conversations in Cyberspace

“Missionaries have been cautioned to not participate in ‘bible-bashing’ or trying to convince someone of the truth by finding specific scriptures. I’ve learned over the years that you can find, and then interpret, scriptures to justify almost any cause. It does no good to argue about scriptures because contention is the weapon of the devil and none of those who participate in such arguments are edified.” - Rebecca Talley, on Bible Conversations in Cyberspace

Home-fronting with Honey Dearest

Honey Dearest is my new favorite food, cooking, and wine & spirits blog on the Internets, and not just because they are great friends. It’s just a great blog, period.

In Memory of Dr. Janice Gable

Dr Janice GableDr. Janice Gable, professor of English and chair of the Arts and Science Department at Valley Forge Christian College, went home to be with the Lord on Friday, June 14th, 2008. Dr. Gable was a special teacher. In fact, she was beyond special. She was one of those teachers who actually showed up because she truly wanted to challenge and stretch the imaginations and minds of her students. Not all teachers care about such things; Dr. Gable was not one of them. She was not only instrumental in expanding my own cultural and literary horizons, but also became one of the few catalysts that lovingly nudged me towards deeper spiritual formation in an authentic and serious way.

Dr. Gable introduced this serious English underachiever to the likes of Gish Jen, Molière, Sophocles, Mary Shelley, Christopher Marlowe, Herman Melville, Stephen Crane, Joseph Conrad, Franz Kafka, Euripides, and way too many others to recall off the top of my head. I traveled through English, American, and World Literature with Dr. Gable. Then there was the Creative Writing course a handful of us spent with her. What a riotous joy! Those classes are still cherished highlights of my undergraduate studies in theology. Dr. Gable was a gift from God. She was a special professor. Read More »

A Rainy Day Saturday is Therapy

I’m spending this rainy Saturday on sermon preparation, wrestling with the laptop/LCD projector combo, and listening to Santo Domingo De Silos Coro De Los Monjes Benedictinos: Requiem Aeternam. Between all of that wonderful activity, I’m entertaining my children and being entertained by them. There is not much to report, but there is a lot going on! Carry on, good readers.

Engaging Conversations with My Children

Conversations with my children are as entertaining as they are challenging, especially as concerns Christian topics. This morning, my son engaged me with the following conversation as he worked on his 5th or 6th revision of his Christmas wish list. Read More »

Making Sense of the Incarnation Notes

Simply knowing that God has moved into the neighborhood is not the same thing as living like God has moved into the neighborhood. Said differently, you may know God is near, but how do you interact with this God? What difference does the Incarnation make in your life or the way you live your life? God is in our midst! The Kingdom of Heaven is within you and all around you! So what!?! Read More »

MCC Chapel CliffsNotes on Personal Faith Journey

I’m putting some thoughts together for tomorrow’s chapel conversation at Mennonite Central Committee. I was invited by the MCC’s International Program Department’s Executive Assistant to come and speak about my personal faith journey and Inner Metro Green. So, I’m reflecting a bit tonight about my journey. It’s constantly interesting to reflect upon where you’ve been, as far as faith journeys are concerned. It’s a good practice. Believers would do well to reflect on their journey regularly. I think looking back helps us all to keep moving forward. Read More »

Blanc Turns 26, Celebrates by Launching a New Blog

Fellow blogger, virtual friend, and good ‘ole boy Shawn Blanc is celebrating his 26th birthday today! I would be something less than a good ‘ole boy if I failed to wish him a happy birthday! So, happy birthday, Shawn! I hope you and yours have a wonderful day of celebration. So, do unplug the machines and go off line for a few hours today. Read More »

The Wikiklesia Project: Self-perpetuating Publishing

I am so excited to be a part of a brand new ecclesial publishing experiment tagged The Wikiklesia Project. The Wikiklesia Project is a fresh, collaborative, on-line publishing effort dedicated to self-perpetuating publishing built upon de-centralized leadership. Is perpetual, self-organizing book publishing possible? Can literary quality be maintained in a distributed publishing paradigm? These are the questions the project asks! We shall soon find out! Check out the contributors list for Volume One: Voices of the Virtual World.