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Integrity Matters

My father used to tell me, as I was growing up, that “the person you are when your all alone, in the darkness of your own little secret place, is the person you really are out in the public, regardless of any disguise you may or may not be wearing.” I used to think my father was full of it, but now I really think he may have been gifted with extraordinary wisdom concerning the simple but profound things in life. Read More »

Glenn Packiam’s Butterfly in Brazil

James Gleick, in Chaos: Making a New Science, writes: “Watch two bits of foam flowing side by side at the bottom of a waterfall. What can you guess about how close they were at the top? Nothing. As far as standard physics was concerned, God might just as well have taken all those water molecules under the table and shuffled them personally. Traditionally, when physicists saw complex results, they looked for complex causes. When they saw a random relationship between what goes into a system and what comes out, they assumed that they would have to build randomness into any realistic theory, by artificially adding noise or error. The modern study of chaos began with the creeping realization in the 1960s that quite simple mathematical equations could model systems every bit as violent as a waterfall. Tiny differences in input could quickly become overwhelming differences in output - a phenomenon given the name ’sensitive dependence on initial conditions.’ In weather, for example, this translates into what is only half-jokingly known as the Butterfly Effect - the notion that a butterfly stirring the air today in Peking can transform storm systems next month in New York” (8).

Glenn Packiam, associate worship pastor at New life Church in Colorado Springs, and director of New Life School of Worship, transforms the above scientific abstract into a meaningful metaphor for those disciples of Jesus who are looking for the next step. His book: Butterfly in Brazil: How Your Life Can Make a World of Difference. The lesson: small changes at the beginning can lead to big differences in the end. This is a great, and incredibly simple lesson for all of us! Read More »

How Do You Do Well - Doing Good?

How to decide where to focus concentration: If your church were full of professional people, why would you have them go build houses? Building houses is a good thing, but if you have people with MBA’s and PhD’s is the greatest contribution they can make swinging a hammer? You must think through these issues. Porter says he never volunteers in a soup kitchen. “Why would I?” he asks. “I can do more good working with city leaders than giving someone green beans. But it’s good that someone is serving green beans.” Read More »

Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Heath

A new friend and Inner Metro Green member recently dropped off a signed covenant letter, a wonderful monetary gift for the burgeoning church, and a great book for me. Events like this are as exciting as a seven year old’s Christmas, at least for church planters. There is still a lot of work to do, and we are still in our infancy stage, but the church plant is beginning to take root and sprout! Keep on praying for us and our wonderful city. Read More »

Five Rules for Running a Consensus Model Meeting

Church meetings in most cases should not be built upon a “rule by democracy” model, but rather “discernment and consensus.” Read More »

How to Store Books Properly

It occurred to me as I was looking over my book shelves with a tempting edge of lazy procrastination (I’m still cataloging my books for insurance purposes) that many book aficionados have no idea how to store their prizes properly. Many buy books to merely read them. Others read and collect. I am a proud member of the later group. I read and collect books. I am a dedicated home library builder. This deep affection is accompanied by a few preservative responsibilities. Read More »