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Emergent Motivational Posters

Admittedly, these few satirical posters - sponsored by the Team Pyro folk - resonate a bit with me as I reflect upon my very limited interaction online with a few (not all) emergent participants and aficionados.

Emergent Post Critical

Emergent Unity

Emergent Attitude

More emergent motivational posters can be found hosted at the web site. It’s all tongue in check, of course. Yeah, right.

A Starbucks Mug for the Manly Pastor

My dear wife and precious daughters went out tonight for a few groceries and came back with an uber cool ceramic mug that looks deceptively like the oh-so common but so very familiar Starbucks cardboard to-go cup. I saw it coming and thought it was a run-of-the-mill coffee, in a common cup, but then I spied its handle! I was so confused! I thought to my self, “Why is that cup sporting a handle?” The ceramic took more than a few seconds to actually register in my mind. My precious wife and daughters got a big, hilarious kick out of the whole thing! Read More »