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The Daily Scribe Window is Open

The Daily Scribe Submission Window is now open! If you want to join a great Christian Blog Network, head on over and apply! Be sure to read the qualifications!

Interview with Curriculum Author Michael Kelley

Tough Sayings of Jesus

Scribe members were recently offered a wonderful opportunity to receive and review a DVD-based small group curriculum published by Threads/LifeWay called The Tough Sayings of Jesus II (Leader Kit). Part of this opportunity included a series of interviews, hosted by individual Scribe members, with Michael Kelley, the creator/author of the curriculum. I personally love The Tough Sayings of Jesus I and II, and could not wait to ask Michael Kelley a few questions about it! You can read the interview with Kelley after the jump …

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TDS Equals Slow Tribe

Blogging around here has been slow as of late. The reason: I have been devoting what free time I have to the project aka The Daily Scribe. The first wave of writers have been added to the aggregate; the site design is 95% complete. Be sure to head on over to TDS and check it out. You’ll find a variety of Christian expression there. Read More »

The Scribe Saturday Expo 12082007

I have been battling a flu-like attack for the past few days. So, blogging has been slow, as has been all other life activities. Sickness sucks. It totally flushes productivity. If you are a productivity junkie, like me, then being slowed by sickness introduces a very frustrating dynamic into daily life. Sickness usually is enough to worry about all by itself; being frustrated by sickness is an additional worry that makes dealing with sickness all the more difficult. Read More »

The Scribe Saturday Expo 12012007

The first incarnation of The Daily Scribe included a wonderful weekly feature we called “The Daily Scribe Jamboree”. Basically, it was a community-wide effort to celebrate the posts of fellow Scribes. It was unarguably viral, as far as community features were concerned. Jamboree helped with blog exposure and linkage. It was also a very good way to engage the thoughts of friends and neighbors on a much, much deeper level. After all, you actually had to read the blog posts!

In the spirit of the now defunct Jamboree, I’m dedicating my Saturday post to an expo of the posts by fellow Scribes. These folks were admitted to Scribe for a reason: they are intentional, dedicated, and articulate. You would do well to read their blogs regularly. They each have something to teach us, if we will pray, read, and listen. So, go, pray, read, and listen!

You can find a list of all rostered Scribes at the official site. Have a good time perusing the list! Read More »

The Daily Scribe’s Newest Scribes 112407

The Daily Scribe’s newest scribes: William P. Young’s WindRumors (Paul is the author of one incredible story called The Shack); Jemila Kwon of Quirky Grace; Nathan Smith of SonSpring; Glenn Jordan of CrookedShore.

The Ressurection of the Daily Scribe

It’s been a year since I totally mishandled the situation surrounding the website known as The Daily Scribe. Many readers undoubtedly remember the fiasco surrounding the project. Everything about the site unraveled as I was personally unraveling. I was burn-out from over ten years of full-time theological education (long story); I was in the midst of a spiritual journey that at the time seemed hopeless; I was totally disenchanted by/with the American Religious Liberalism I hopefully embraced (thank God for Ricoeur’s expressed ‘Second Naivete’); I was in the midst of a Clinical Pastoral Education Program that placed me right in the middle of more human suffering and death than I ever cared to witness; I was worried about my immediate family and our future. All of these real-time issues intersected and created the perfect personal storm. Most of my relationships suffered a bit during this stormy time. Online interactions were damaged too. I handled the entire Scribe situation in a less than mature fashion. For that, I have no excuse. I can only offer the above as an attempt at explanation. Read More »

The Daily Scribe Take Five or Six

The Daily Scribe is re-launched as Christian network and community. Permanent.

A Christian Digg Sort of Direction for Scribe

I’m broadening the scope and direction of The Daily Scribe a bit. I’m heading in the direction of a Christian Digg sort of thing (thank you Pligg!). Christian news, articles, opinions, and editorials are the new focus. A few hand-picked blog feeds are being exclusively syndicated by your your friendly neighborhood Scribe Bot too. So, check it out and add your news!

The Website Currently Known as The Daily Scribe

The Daily Scribe is back! The domain name is once again in my possession. It’s a little bit tattered and slightly worn, but there is still life in it! A little water and sunshine will do it some much needed good. Read More »