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A Slow Bloom and the Young Search for Value

Christopher looked every where. He looked beneath his bed, under his desk, and behind his dresser; nothing. He even moved the clothes pile on the floor of his closet. Still, he couldn’t find what he was looking for.

“Ah,” he thought confidently to himself, “There’s one place I didn’t look! Surely it must be there!” He darted off towards his Disney branded Mickey Mouse T.V. and its matching red stand to give them a quick look behind too. Nothing. Nada. Absolute zero.

Christopher let out a long and frustrated sigh as he plopped himself into his little red desk chair in obvious defeat. Read More »

Social Hitchhikers’ Theater Act 2

The cell chimed a while before I could audibly zone in on its catchy Pearl Jam ringtone and track it to an innocent looking pile of jeans and socks hurriedly tossed onto the living room sofa. I could faintly hear a polyphonic version of “Yellow Ledbetter” struggling to escape an avalanche of fresh denim and cotton. I dug through my laundry and managed to rescue the call before it was demoted to voicemail. I simultaneously looked down and thumb-flipped open my cell; I immediately recognized the caller. Read More »

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux in 1st Person Narrative

My pastor, friend, colleague, and mentor, John Hawbaker sent me a fantastic 1st person narrative presentation based upon the life of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. This narrative was performed dramatically during Sunday morning services at Manor Brethren in Christ Church. Soon, John will have his own blog where you will be able to find more of his personal musings, writings, and sermon excerpts. He will be a most welcome addition to the BIC wing of the Christian blogosphere. His knowledge of the BIC’s heritage (Anabaptism, Wesleyanism, and Pietism) is profound and his 25+ years of faithful Christian service as pastor and bishop are laden with practical experiences that will undoubtedly edify leaders for generations to come. So, Brother John is preparing to start a blog and begin recording. The socially networked and information affable time in which we all are living is incredible! Read More »

The Narrative Wonder of the Christian Storybook

God intends to be known. We all desire to know God intimately, deeply, and personally. Our instinctive longing for authentic intimacy with God is often hijacked by a subtle and deceptive misappropriation powered by a variety of seductive, carnal, and detrimental vices and temptations of a corporeal nature. It’s quite hard to figure out what to do with this “God-shaped hole” living deep within each one of us. We are offered a myriad of substitutions, fillers, and replacements, but the real thing is the only thing that will ever do. We all need God. So, where do we look for God? Where can we hear from God? The answer to this question is ridiculously simple, in spite of the seemingly endless stream of audible ideological voices and philosophical sales pitches persistently vying for our immediate attention and allegiance. Read More »

A Tired, Worn, and Travel-wearied Leather Rita Botta

Filip loved his religion. He was the kind of man who needed tangible boundaries, real rules to live by.

His was a life lifted directly from the pages of his daily planner. His was no ordinary daily planner! It was a Small Italian Genuine Leather Rita Botta, and it was bursting at the seams as it valiantly attempted to envelop all the oddities Filip had shoved into it during his daily travels between home and office. The Rita Botta could have handled all of the expected norms: a notepad, calendar insert, contact page, and the occasional business and/or credit card flap. Its most formidable challenges, however, came in the form of an oversized black comb, TI 30XA, zip-disk, 7′ wooden crucifix, and 10 - 15 paper-clipped pages torn from “The Screwtape Letters.” Read More »

Social Hitchhikers Theater: Act 1

“What are you waiting for? If not now, then when?”

I wasn’t really sure what to say to Dave, in response to his inquiry. He had a forceful way about him that seemed honestly persuasive, initially, but quickly became demanding, even domineering. He meant well, and that was the source of my problem. How do you tell someone to shut the hell up when you know they are right? Read More »

The God-Shaped Hole

We are all born naked. We rush youth trying to become old. Then we beat time into delusion in our vain attempts to stay young. We refuse to die with grace and dignity. We prefer crowds to mirrors. We frame discussion in the past or future, forever avoiding the present. We are more ‘other’ than we are ‘ourselves’. We insist on defining ourselves by things we do, rather than who we really are when we are completely alone with the self in the dark. Read More »

Love Falls Down

There once lived a woman, in an age not too far removed from our own, who had not seen her children for sixteen years. The choice to leave them was her own. Her twenty year marriage to her husband was not a particularly healthy one. Jealousy, bitterness, rage, and a nagging feeling of nonacceptance gnawed at her fragile soul until it could no longer participate in such union. Her husband’s early drinking and philandering didn’t help matters either; he was a dog, in every sense of the word. Read More »

Six Miles Out

There once lived a man - a young man - who stumbled upon a familiar crowd of people sharing drink and food.

“Hey there!” The young man shouted. “What are you all doing gathered here like this? Is there nothing better for you to do today than gather together yet again in this tired, old courtyard? It is a beautiful day and the sun …” Read More »

A Fistful of Flowers

The audible brush of his wheel chair’s rubber coated steal wheels gliding across the mahogany-stained, crack-gapped, hard wood floors was customarily accompanied by a broad sense of gloom that naggingly pricked at the remaining four senses of coherent individuals within an earshot of the notorious sound. Read More »