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Open Source Worship Presentation Software

We are finally moving towards worship presentation software. This painfully slow move may have been the single most frustrating aspect of the entire church planting experience. So much goes into setting up the basic aspects of a functional, edifying worship service. Most folks go to church on Sunday, and are ushered into a corporate worship experience, and then depart without giving much thought about how much time, energy, work, and basic know-how was invested into the morning. If you truly desire to peek behind the curtain, to see just how much energy and know-how it takes to lead a congregation into the presence of God on a Sunday morning, then plant a church. You will not only have to find, recruit, and develop a technology/media savvy crew, but you will also have to learn all about the technology, software, and hardware required to develop a relevant and meaningful worship experience. You will have to learn these things, unless, of course, you sit on your laurels and wait for God to send you someone to do it for you. If that’s the case, don’t bother. You will fail.

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PHP Mastermind Needed

Any Christian PHP/SQL masterminds out there? A great friend, Christian brother, and art/web designer is looking for a PHP/SQL person to partner with for an upcoming business venture/project. Drop a note if you are that mastermind and want to team up with an awesome and talented brother. If you know a mastermind, please forward this opportunity to him/her. Thank you!

Church Management Apps

Friend, fellow Lancaster dweller, and awesome-design-guy Kyle Sollenberger just launched what promises to be a fantastic new blog called Church Management Apps. Why? Because he is fed up with how the church family communicates! I am too! So, I’ll be a regular at Church Management Apps for sure. If I were you, I’d subscribe to the feed too, because Kyle is well informed and excellent at what he does. This is a great blog in the making.

Relocating with a 40GB Apple TV in Tow

A quick personal update: My family has been busy moving into a new place for the past four days, thus the blog silence. We are almost finished, thank God! In other personal news, I won a 40GB Apple TV loaded with all of the films created by the awesome folk over at Modern Parables. I’m an even bigger fan of Modern Parables than I was yesterday! And yesterday I was a big fan! This rocks, obviously.

A Barna Report on Technology in the Church

Barna has a new report on the use of technology in the church. Interesting numbers, to say the least. Barna also says the following:

The incorporation of digital technologies into church-based ministry is an important frontier for churches to master, according to George Barna, who directed these studies for The Barna Group over the course of the decade.

My only question, and I can’t help but to ask, how does all of this - especially the above quote - jive with all that Barna proclaimed in his controversial book “Pagan Christianity?” Seriously? Is technology and the mastery of technology rooted in the New Testament way of doing church? I do think the church should get a grip on technology and use it for the Kingdom of God, but Barna sure shouldn’t be thinking so, after what was written in “Pagan Christianity,” should he? Barna has seriously lost me somewhere along the line. I guess I’m asking what is the purpose and/or goal of his research and research reporting, post “Pagan Christianity.”

The 2008 EO/Wheatstone Academy Symposium Call for Posts

Does the medium used effect the message being delivered? If so, how exactly is the message effected? Is it effected in positive or negative ways? Perhaps both? If so, does the positive effects outweigh the negative, or vice versa? Is the message actually shaped or altered by the medium? Can it be shaped by the delivery medium? If so, how? Is the medium implemented deeply considered? These are great questions to be asking, especially as one considers the emerging new medium and technology of our own day. Read More »

How to Record Your Live Sermons


One would think that recording live sermons would not be so difficult in these technologically advanced days we are living in at the moment. Well that one would be mistaken! The process of live recording sermons and distributing them through your church’s web site can be quite difficult, to say the least. Obstacles abound! If your attempt to inch slightly ahead of the learning curve you are introduced to by the technology involved doesn’t sink you, the seemingly never-ending electronics shopping by trail and error will. Hint: If you don’t know what you are doing, you don’t know what to buy! Sometimes all who wander are in fact lost! All of this wandering around the electronics store, and trying to do it by trial and error, only results in more work and time lost. Read More »

Share Your Sermons with Google Base

Google is getting faith, it seems. Now you can upload and showcase and share your sermons and writings via Google Base. It is a good thing that Google Base is in Beta because I have not been able to successfully sign into the application as of yet. It’s stuck in a perpetual load sequence.