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Thanksgiving in Jersey

We are back from a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with family in New Jersey. Good food, good drink, and good times. We are almost into December already; I can’t believe it! Where in the world did the year 2007 go? At any rate, time to get back to work. It’s going to be a late night.

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a happy Thanksgiving all!

Nurturing Gratitude in Christian Community

Brennan Manning, in an interview for Christianity Today (”The Dick Staub Interview: Brennan Manning on Ruthless Trust,” 12-10-02), said the following:

I believe that the real difference in the American church is not between conservatives and liberals, fundamentalists and charismatics, nor between Republicans and Democrats. The real difference is between the aware and the unaware.

When somebody is aware of that love - the same love that the Father has for Jesus - that person is just spontaneously grateful. Cries of thankfulness become the dominant characteristic of the interior life, and the byproduct of gratitude is joy. We’re not joyful and then become grateful - we’re grateful, and that makes us joyful.

The Christian story is a story built upon joy. We are – or we should be – a people who overflow with joy. This joy is not a common sort of joy. A number of simple but important things can make us happy: a great song, a fantastic piece of art, a new outfit that we look really, really great wearing, a great haircut, a good meal, a new - or even reliable - automobile, a new house, or a vacation from our regular work schedules. These are all very, very good things and they do make us happy. They are not, however, the things upon which our joy - our Christian joy - is founded. That’s a good thing too because that sort of joy - a joy derived from common things - doesn’t last very long, does it? It is temporary, at best. Things like these do make us happy, but that joy is not the byproduct of the deep gratitude Brennan Manning is referencing. The joy Brennan Manning is talking about is a byproduct of the deep gratitude that we all experience when we realize how much God loves us and when we accept God’s invitation to become integral characters in God’s story. Read More »

Giving Thanks in Times of Deep Contentment

Contentment is not a relinquishing of the natural drive we all have to succeed in life and/or career. In other words, contentment is not about becoming lazy, slothful, or dormant; it is not about being underachieving slackers who fool themselves into believing that being so is actually righteous and peaceful. No! Contentment is not about killing future hopes and dreams; it’s not about being complacent about the important things in life either. Contentment is about embracing the present moment we all actually live in. It’s about embracing the people, places, and good things we have been given right now. In fact, we cannot move into our future’s creativity and dreams until we authentically embrace our present.

We all have much in life that we still want to experience and accomplish. That is a good thing! We all have dreams and desires that span everything from school, marriage, and vocation. Those are good things too. Read More »

A Prayer of Thanksgiving for Times of Thanksgiving

This prayer is a prayer for small groups seeking intentional times of collective thanksgiving. It is meant to be read in unison, by all present in the group. Let all partaking in this thanksgiving prayer agree: family, community, and God are blessings with which none of us could live very long without. Praise God! Read More »

Happy Thanksgiving 2006!

Happy Thanksgiving! The 2006 holiday season begins today! Happy Holidays everyone! I pray you have a blessed time of unity, fellowship, and fun reflection with loved ones! Read More »