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WordPress 2.5-RC1

Tribe is now being powered by WordPress 2.5-RC1. So far, it’s great. Faster load times, for sure. The new admin/backend is a huge improvement over yesterday’s admin, with a few caveats: 1. I hate the placement of the category list in write post mode. Scrolling down to find the category list sucks! 2. I can’t find the place to adjust my post slug during the write post process. I think it’s gone! That sucks too! 3. I still have to use a plugin (Advanced Tag Entry) to select and enter tags from a list, rather then guessing and hoping I get the right one as I write each post. That sucks the most!

I also find it annoying that the “Visit Site” link located at the top of the dashboard opens my site in a new window. Why?

Other than all of that, it’s really pretty.

Tumble-hybrid Deuce WordPress Theme

I pulled out the dusty old file folder for the Tumble-hybrid Theme for WordPress 2.3.3+ and I made a few changes and cleaned things up a bit. The result is Tumble-hybrid Deuce. There a few changes. Most notably I changed a few category names to better fit the media designated. So, rather than categorizing “photos” as “slices,” as was done in my first Tumble-hybrid theme, the category is simply called “photos.” Likewise, the “thoughts” category is now “thoughts” rather than “lifestream.” These changes make things much more intuitive, I think. There are also more than a few aesthetic changes. I really had no intention of releasing the first version of Tumble-hybrid, as it was a personal project born in the boredom of one late night. So, the first time around, I just packaged it up, just as it was, as I used it myself, and made it available for download. Deuce is cleaned up and much more suited for public consumption. Read More »

Tumble-Hybrid Sandbox Port Theme

This theme [Tumble-Hybrid] is licensed: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. This means you can modify it and re-distribute it freely, and - if you are feeling extra generous - leave the footer’s design credit line intact. It would be nice if people could still find the download page for the theme. So, please consider leaving some sort of link in place. Read More »

WordPress 2.3-beta3

I’m running WordPress 2.3-beta3 now! I love it. Everything seems to be working well. Nothing broke. I’m amazed nothing broke because of the serious database changes in this version. I’m happy! The new tag feature is great too. Well done WordPress crew!

Tumbling the Feed with Tumblefeed

More Tumblefeed plugin testing! I’m still testing out the Tumblefeed plugin by Ronald Heft of CaveMonkey50. The Tumblefeed plug will prevent an overload of posts being delivered to your feed reader. You’ll receive one update per day, of all posts for that day. It’s the same thing as the e-mail list option to receive a one time digest containing all the day’s messages, rather than individual messages throughout the day. So, please bear with us as we continue to test the plugin. Heft is awesome, by the way.

Porting Sandbox

I’m in the process of following Big Ben’s lead and trying to port this thing over to Sandbox (w/ a few changes). This is the way to go if you are turning your blog into a Tumblelog-ish sort of thing. So, thanks, Ben! Please excuse the dreadful mess while I try to accomplish this fun task. Ben, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m peaking at your CSS, bro. I’m getting quite an education!

Tumble-like Feed Available at Tribe Now

I have a quick update before I journey back into my hiatus. I came out of it briefly due to some pretty cool events surrounding this whole Tumble-Hybrid project. First of all, the thing was linked to in our WordPress dashboards, by Matt, which was very, very cool. More than a few people seem interested in this form of simplified blogging. Also, Ben Grey of Openswitch went to Ronald Heft with a need for a simplified feed for Tumblelog-like blogs. Ronald rose to the occasion and released Tumblefeed 1.0. The guy is a genius! Thank you Ronald! Also, I can not thank Ben Grey enough for helping get the Tumblefeed plugin running correctly. Thanks, Ben! Read More »

Transforming Your WordPress into a Tumble-Hybrid

UPDATE: I decided to release my Tumble-Hybrid theme. It is a ported sandbox version. It is much better than the asides version detailed below … though you are free to use it too, if you prefer!

So, how did I make this blog into what I called a Tumble-Hybrid? I’m going to try and explain the steps I took to make it, rather than make my own theme available for download. I think half the fun is actually learning how to do it on your own. It’s also more of a theme hack, than it is a theme. So, the steps below are what you need to do to convert your WordPress weblog into a Tumble-Hybrid. Note: You’ll have to make slight adjustments to fit your theme. Read More »

So, What happened to Your Blog?

Yes, the overall design of this blog took a radical shift over the course of three of four days. I have joined a growing number of people who are happily wandering away from the traditional blog display and are instead moving toward a mixed-media sort of publishing aka the “Tumblelog.” So, some posts appear in a dedicated style, depending upon their classification as regular posts, images, quotes, and/or video. I call this a “Tumble-Hybrid,” because it is part weblog, part Tumblelog, but neither. If that makes sense? I really want a log, rather than a weblog (or what weblogs have become). Read More »

Sponsored Themes and Theme Community

Wordpress Themes Update: I just added another Wordpress theme to the lofi catalogue: Hematite. “What in the world is a Hematite,” you ask? Google is the way; do some research. I’ll say this, it still sort of fits my whole “Sublunary Series” theme. Too, you can peruse my themes at my live theme viewer. Note: my live theme viewer is a sandbox too. So, you’ll usually find unfinished things and works in progress growing there. Read More »